Doc The Stampede (docthestampede) wrote in caml_anime,
Doc The Stampede

Recent divings back into Anime

Its amazing, but I actually have started watching anime (and TV in general) again.

Recent shows watched :
1. Full Metal Alchemist (Damnit, I've been hooked.)
2. Ghost in the Shell : SAC
3. Area 88 TV

Among TV shows and non-Anime :
1. Battlestar Galactica (rocks my socks)
3. Iron Chef America
4. Justice League Unlimited

Shows on my ICK list :
1. The Batman (or whatever it is they're showing now.. Horrible.)
2. Samurai Champloo (or however its spelled.. Interesting concept, but also annoying.)
3. Robot Chicken (Actually, this is hit or miss but still goes on this list for now..)
4. Paint Peeling (not a show, just a thought.)

What are people watching these days?
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