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Boredom, and Work 
09:07am 09/03/2007
mood: working
HEY!!!! Is this place dead?!?!

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I live! 
08:40am 06/06/2006
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More logs 
10:31pm 01/11/2005
  There really isn't anything special in this log, save that it shows what a TYPICAL hour or 3 in #caml-anime would be like when any 2 of a specific group of people showed up.

Today, the stars are eyewrist, myself, hicat and a bunch of people who may or may not have LJ accounts.

The Ordinary Extraordinary
Haha! I found my logs! 
01:15am 01/11/2005
  Alright, IRC LOGS. I promised to post some a while back, and here they are.

Or at least, here is ONE. I don't want to shoot my wad all at the beginning now. *cough*

And if you think that's crude, you should read the log!

And now I bring you Tyr gets "tired".
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09:48pm 13/10/2005
mood: silly
[21:41] Doc The Stampede: there's probably a picture of me holding my camera with the borrowed Otakon f2.0 super-zoom lens
[21:41] Doc The Stampede: you know, the kind that's five times the size of the camera?
[21:41] Doc The Stampede: Yah. overcompensating.
[21:41] Doc The Stampede: :D
[21:41] piddiewiggle: uhhuh
[21:41] piddiewiggle: lol
[21:41] piddiewiggle: s'ok
[21:41] piddiewiggle: I'd drool over it too
[21:41] piddiewiggle: ... if I had a penis
[21:41] piddiewiggle: ^.^;
[21:43] Doc The Stampede: hahaha
[21:43] piddiewiggle: :D
[21:43] Doc The Stampede: one doesn't ned a penis to drool over a camera lens
[21:43] Doc The Stampede: there are many ways to use a camera lens
[21:43] Doc The Stampede: ;D
[21:44] piddiewiggle: oh no, you did NOT just go there
[21:44] Doc The Stampede: oh yes I did
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01:07pm 20/09/2005
  For some reason, today all that has been going through my head is the song "Push it".

... But with a deep base synthesized voice.
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Aieeee.. aieeee aieeee aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... 
09:09pm 28/07/2005
  This message is brought to you by the hollow places in Doc's mind...

.. That is all.
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A few thoughts. 
02:37pm 26/07/2005
  Some serious, some not.

Thought 1 : I'm looking for a good sheath for my tools. Suggestions?

Thought 2 : Unjustified and uncontrolled anger - how damaging do you think it can be?

Thought 3 : You've just been told you can't do something you really wanted to do.

Which scenario is worse :
a. Knowing it was simply luck of the draw.
b. Knowing it was someone else's fault / that you were treated unfairly.
c. Knowing it was your fault.
d. Not finding out but having suspicions of being treated unfairly.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Post partially prompted by other post/discussions in my main journal :
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Recent divings back into Anime 
11:27am 25/07/2005
  Its amazing, but I actually have started watching anime (and TV in general) again.

Recent shows watched :
1. Full Metal Alchemist (Damnit, I've been hooked.)
2. Ghost in the Shell : SAC
3. Area 88 TV

Among TV shows and non-Anime :
1. Battlestar Galactica (rocks my socks)
3. Iron Chef America
4. Justice League Unlimited

Shows on my ICK list :
1. The Batman (or whatever it is they're showing now.. Horrible.)
2. Samurai Champloo (or however its spelled.. Interesting concept, but also annoying.)
3. Robot Chicken (Actually, this is hit or miss but still goes on this list for now..)
4. Paint Peeling (not a show, just a thought.)

What are people watching these days?
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Ahhh, geek out! 
02:24pm 23/07/2005
  I'm watching Terminator 3, playing UFO:Aftermath, entering a LJ entry, reading email, listening to music and cleaning up at the same time. Once I rig this up right I'll be able to play with the PS2 at the same time if I choose too. All of this without moving more than a foot from my desk.

.... someone shoot me please before I really lose it?
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09:43pm 22/07/2005
  And there were CAMLites, and it was good..........until they caused the universe to explode.............that wasn't so good...........  
So there was this one time, in #CAML, that I ... 
03:58pm 22/07/2005
  .. remember being online when a computer caught on fire. As addicted as I was, I took the time to type out, "Holy Shit the computer is on fire!" before I went to take care of the issue.

... remember when Octavian gave away his complete submission to the online world by actually pantomiming typing out "wb" when someone came into his hotel room. ... and only realizing what he'd done after the fact.

.... remember when we spent two hours talking about Jet and little motors in his fingers.

..... remember wondering "what the heck am I doing??!"
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12:50pm 22/07/2005

If you've got logs that are particularly memorable, share. :D
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Ghosts in the Internet 
11:32am 22/07/2005
  /me pops in to say hi.

/nick Doc_Ido


Realizing just how much the old channel continues to thread its way through people's lives, I figured it was time to give us a place to chatter again..

Yup. Its back. At least, in a strange hybrid of some sort.

I know you guys are out there. Vets of #CAML-Anime, chime in and say hi. ;D

/leave The ghosts are wandering again.
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